It is our priority to teach you the rules which will help you to drive safely and responsibly.

These classes are mainly dedicated for people who would like to practice before their final practical...

We support you in exchanging driving license from your home country to polish one.

Category B is the most common category because it allows you to drive the passenger car. However...

Welcome to Easy Drive!

We are an English driving school located Warsaw. We offer driving courses for B category for foreigners who want to apply for Polish driving licenses. There are also short courses and individual classes for foreigners who want to adapt to the local regulations and customs of driving in Poland. With over 20 years of experience, we've mastered the skills of dealing with bureaucracy and established a consolidated English speaking network to support each and every student.

Our strategy is to approach each student as an individual case and customize the course to his/her needs. To do so, we've developed different course models and focused on classes in small groups to ensure each student is allowed to keep his/her own pace. During the practical section of the course. the students will be assisted by an experienced instructor who will not only teach, but also provide advises from his/her personal large experience in coping with the traffic.

All the students receive educational sets and the theoretical classes are held in small groups in order to maximize the interaction between students and instructors. We strive to promote an informal and friendly environment and we define ourselves as an extremely open and approachable team. If you have any doubt, contact us!

  • No doubt, the best driving school! You will be helped with any tiny issue on your way to get your driving licence and become a responsible, professional driver! During both lectures and practical lessons you feel absolutely relaxed, which makes the proccess of studying easier and enjoyable!
    One more time I would like to thank Barbara, Michal and Roman for their work and support!
    I strongly recommend EasyDrive to all of you! Fell free to contact the school and you'll see it is woth it!

  • All in all, I feel that EasyDrive's aim is not only for you to pass your driving exam but for you to become a safe and confident driver. After finishing my course and having passed my driving exam I could not agree more. I would highly recommend EasyDrive to anyone wanting to learn to drive in english and in a stress free environment.

  • They are the most professional, responsible and helpful driving school , I can say from my experience with 3 different driving schools in Warsaw; They know not only how to teach driving , but also the way how to pass the exam; Roman ,Barbara, and Marcin, are always ready to help, it is such a great experience with them!

  • Great driving school, great teachers with very personal oriented class. You are guarentied to nail the exams!